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The First Visit

Physiotherapy includes the assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation of a patient's treatment.

At the first visit a detailed consultation about the history of their condition and general health is taken and then a thorough physical assessment is made.

First of all, the physiotherapist will take down the history of the present case by filling in a questionnaire, asking questions like:

Where is the pain?

  • Which factors make it worse or better over a 24-hour period, from first thing in the morning to the night’s sleep?
  • Any general health problems which may be relevant?
  • Have you had any surgery, do you take any medication?
  • Do you practise sports, hobbies and what kind of work do you do?

“All the answers are in the history. Listening to the patient provides all the clues. The skill of the physiotherapist is in piecing together the jigsaw to make up a full picture.” - Kevin Brind

The diagnosis is then confirmed by carrying out a physical examination.

Kevin can refer on quickly to the appropriate specialist if the problem or condition needs medical management. If not, they set to work helping to relieve the patient’s discomfort or pain, drawing from a range of techniques and tools. The patient will also be shown how they can help manage their own condition.

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Physiotherapy means “nature” and “healing”