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Treatments Given

Manipulation - to reduce pain and restore normal movement in the spine or other joints. This can be quite gentle or more vigorous if this suits you and the nature of your condition

Acupuncture - used alongside other treatments to help with pain relief

Exercise – advice on how to improve your strength and fitness and manage your own condition. Strengthening and stretching exercises can relieve many complaints

Ultrasound - used to visualise soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments and discover if tendons have been ruptured e.g. around the shoulder or in the Achilles tendon. If we find serious damage we would refer patients on to a consultant rather than treat them with physiotherapy. Ultrasound can also help us show patients how they can contract the deep abdominal muscles to treat and prevent low back pain.

Tens - a small electrical device which delivers electrical impulses across the skin as a way of treating pain
  • Advice about prevention
  • Taping and strapping - to protect and support the affected area
  • Neurological rehabilitation - to improve function, mobility and independence
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation - to aid neurological patients with muscle contraction and mobility
  • Home visits
  • Rehabilitation after surgery


Kevin has built up a thorough knowledge of and rapport with specialists in the area so he can refer each patient to the right specialist for their problem. The consultants in turn refer patients to Kevin for treatment after injection or surgery.

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Physiotherapy means “nature” and “healing”